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F1 Labradoodles

Litter born April 7/20, Emily and Sawyer

Chocolate Labs


"Just wanted to give you an update on Zeus who we now call moose. Who is doing great! He is fitting in so well and is in love with his human brother, they like to get into mischief together lol "

BF  April/20

chocolate lab

Pepsi and Yogi 

born fall 2019


“Hello! I just wanted to sent a quick note to say how delighted we are with Murphy Brown. (That’s what we named her) She has the sweetest temperament and is just such a delight.”



Chocolate Lab

Born Nov/19

Koa and Yogi

Received April/20

Zuma is growing quickly!! He has settled into our family well. :)


Chocolate Lab

Born: Dec/20

Koa and Yogi

Rc'd: Mar/20


Just wanted to send you a picture of Millie on her birthday she is doing great!


Chocolate lab

Born: Dec/17

Pepsi and Yogi

Rc'd: Dec/18

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