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Golden Retrievers

These are the litters planned so far for Spring 2024

The of dates of heat, breedings and ready are estimations only.  Mother nature likes to run interference at times and heats can be off by up to 3 or 4 months please keep in mind...until the dog is bred the ready date is only projected.


I will take reservations for these litters in way of a non refundable deposit of $100.

Reservations are for a numerical spot on the reservation list.  There is no guarantee of sex, color, etc.  

If the sex/color desired is not born, and spot declined, the deposit is forfeited.

People on reservation list will be notified once female comes in heat and is bred.  Once pups are born a further deposit of $150 will be required.

Pictures are taken weekly and texted out.   At 7 weeks of age the pups are vet checked, receiver their first set of vaccines and are microchipped.  Pups are dewormed frequently as they grow.

Selections are done at 8 weeks of age on  "Puppy Day" ( usually takes place over a Friday and Sat of a weekend).  People come out in order of reservation and select their pup and take it home (right then!!!). Again, no guarantee of sex/color/ of pup available at your pick.

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