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F1 and F1b Standard Goldendoodles


"Hi Cathy! Just wanted to give you an update on one of your babies from Marigold and Sawyers first litter. Rooney (the old cheetah/skittles) is 18 weeks now and we’ll over 30lbs! She has crazy long legs and the SOFEST (and still pretty red) curls! She went for her first full groom today so I wanted to send you over a few photos!


“We started puppy training classes last week and she’s taking to it really well she has the sweetest temperament and loves everyone and everything she meets.  She’s the happiest puppy!! I can’t thank you enough for her”




F1b standard goldendoodle

Marigold and Sawyer

Born: March/20

Received Aug/20

more of Marigold and Sawyer's litter...

F1 Standard Goldendoodle Litter, born Mar/20, Gypsy and Oscar

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