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F1 and F1b Mini/Med Goldendoodles


Good Morning,


I have been wanting to reach out for a long time! I am so glad I finally found you online. My boyfriend and I picked up our mini goldendoodle back in July 21st 2017. He was born on May 31st 2017. Not sure if you remember that litter. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful we found you! He immediately blew us away. He is so incredibly friendly and smart and just absolutely perfect. You gave us the family member of our dreams! People ask us ALL the time where we got him because he has a way of making everyone he meets fall in love with him. Now that I have your info I will be passing it around. I always joke that he is a walking business card. 


Its truly wonderful to have found a breeder as ethical and wonderful as you. Eddie changed my life and I would not have him without you. 


Forever grateful,


eddie c.jpg

  F1 med goldendoodle


   Born: May 31/17

   Mom: Bonnie (GR)

   Dad: Peanut

     (Arrowhead stud)

   received: Jan/20


He’s doing really good! He is about 35lbs right now, has a great personality and good to train!              PP

F1 Med Goldendoodle

Skye and Charlie Sid

Born: March/20

Rc'd: Aug/20

F1 Med Goldendoodles, Skye and Charliesid   Born: March/20

F1b Mini/Med Goldendoodles

F1b Mini Goldendoodles, Zoey and CharlieSid, Born: Feb/20

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